The casing of CPD series is made of galvanized steel, the casing of rest of the air cooler is made of aluminum. All casing are powder-coated in white and it has high resistance to corrosion, dirt and both mechanical and thermal damages.


Cooling capacity given for R-404A/R-507 refrigerant.
For other refrigerants use the following table:



TECNO air coolers are equipped with axial fans with diameters of 120, 150, 200, 250, 300, 350, 400, 450, 500, 550, 630 and 800 mm. The fan motors are powered by a single or three-phase. All motors are thermally protected against coils' damages and connected to the airtight electrical box.

Air throw and flow

Data in the tables were measured in: clean, not icy and properly mounted air cooler. The range of the air throw is measured for the final speed air of 0,25 m / s.

Defrost heaters

All air coolers except CVJ and CVD air coolers are equipped with steel, electric defrost heaters with the capacity appropriate to the surface, capacity of air cooler and the evaporator operating conditions. The power cords are connected to the electrical box.

Coil block

The coil is made of profiled aluminum fins and copper pipe coil (mechanically extended inside the fins), having a diameter of 9,5, 12 or 15 mm. Fin spacing of 4,5, 6,4 / 3,2, 6, 7, 9 or 10 mm, depending on the series. All air coolers have a service valve on the suction pipe to measure the pressure. Each model is pre-filled with dry nitrogen under the slight positive pressure.

The materials


Special design

You can order an air cooler version, resistant to the aggressive environment. For more information, please contact your local distributor.


Packing method

Tecno air coolers are secured for transport and storage in an appropriate manner, varying according to the series and size of the cooler.